The big picture

iOS or Android presence is no longer a choice, having both is default.

Going native’s an option, but if you’re targeting more than one platform maintaining several code bases can become a huge time and money sink.

I’ve helped deliver 20+ mobile apps with native user interfaces which share code across all platforms. No juniors or middlemen here, you work directly with me.


Gain access to a wealth of mobile experience

I’ve delivered over 20 B2B and consumer-facing apps for some of the biggest companies on the planet, using mobile application development platforms with native user interfaces that enable sharing of code across all platforms with a single codebase.

One code base for all screens

Get all the features and vast API coverage of native platforms while keeping future maintenance costs down. Release on iOS, Android or both at the same time with a code base designed for both by default, while also offering a native experience.

Error proof your mobile app

Not only I use the best test driven development & behavior driven development techniques for robust UI, integration and unit testing, but teach it too. In practice that means best in class performance & optimization strategies with next to nothing in QA costs and code that hums.