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  1. Hi Alexandra!!

    What do you think about Xamarin Forms? do you think it will be huge or a niche technology to MVP’s etc?

    1. Hi Oscar! 🙂

      Xamarin.Forms is a library that provides an abstraction layer over the native iOS & Android UI. What I like about it is that it speeds up development time, while maximizing code reuse (up to 90%!). It’s an ideal candidate for straight-forward apps that make use of the standard UI components. But as with any abstraction, you lose control over granularity and aspects you might want to customize, thus flexibility.

      Choosing to use Xamarin.Forms depends on your project’s requirements and it can give you tremendous advantages under the right circumstances. It all boils down to using the right tool for the each job.

  2. Hello Alexandra,


    Hope you’re in good health. I came across your tweet “Ask Me Anything” at the right time 🙂

    I am working on Xamarin.Forms apps, and currently we need to implement caching in the app.

    So can you please help me with some information and leads on it.

    Many Thanks,
    Mehul Bhadricha

    (Twitter: @mehul_19851)

    1. Hi Mehul,

      When looking for a caching strategy, note what is hindering your apps’ performance. It might be large images that take up a lot of time to download or it might be static content that hardly changes. Another great candidate for caching are the users’ credentials (encrypted, of course!), to save you a login call each time you open the app.

      Take a look at SQLite.Net for storing your data in a local database.

      Hand in hand with the caching mechanism is the syncing. You might want to update data when the user performs a certain action or at a variable period of time, once again depending on the content type.

      Hope this helps, good luck! 🙂

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